Is your team not meeting todays demand in this competitive market? Need a reboot training? Mount Indie offers tailored recruiting to novice and experienced teams. Skill up your team to the cutting edge of sourcing and recruiting. 

Social Media has been a blessing and a curse for recruiting, candidate identification has become much easier, but communication and engagement is at an all-time low. Candidates are instantly connected, but seldom reached and your team can't recruit people they can't reach. Our process can increase your candidate acquisition rate by 40% 


Sometimes it takes an outside eye to look inward. We analyze your internal process and identify areas that are preventing your talent acquisition team from meeting your company's recruiting goals.


At Mount Indie we believe there is no product in the HR tech/recruiting space that will fix procedural issues and we are experts at identifying procedural barriers to successful talent acquisition. We use your previous recruiting performance data benchmarked against industry standard KPI's and work with your team to identify a compliant workflow and process that delivers results. 


Mount Indie can also help you with your recruiting distinction to set you apart from your competition when bidding on new work were staffing is a key area of importance. Don't try to tackle your recruiting approach with an outdated strategy.


"Mount Indie has provided us stellar support on challenging programs. They incorporate modernized recruiting methodologies that produce difficult to find, highly cleared, highly technical resources. We are baking Mount Indie into our strategic plans moving forward. "

Sr. Director Business Development 

"Mount Indie did an excellent job and successfully helped me get a new job that was promotional, more aligned with my skill set, and kept the process smooth. I enjoyed our conversations on the phone and would be happy to work with them again.”

Sr. Software Developer San Diego

"Mount Indie was instrumental in helping me get a job that exceeded my expectations.  Mt Indie was with me every step of the way including before and after my interview keeping me informed.  Also any questions that I had were answered quickly.  Mt Indie is a top of the line recruiter and I highly recommend this company.  Many thanks for the help I received."

Configuration Manager Dayton Ohio 

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