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The Mount Indie Difference

You won't hear us bragging about how many resumes we have in a database and using that as a proof point as to why we can recruit, because honestly that doesn't matter. Frankly no firm is sitting on a well of untapped talent. In the market, that simply doesn't exist.


What we will brag about is our ability to find passive talent and match them with the right company to build high performing technical teams. We have developed a process of sourcing and recruiting that incorporates the most advanced technologies with a data driven and proven process that allows us to discover even the most highly cleared and technical candidates. We call that process i2CT.


Identification|Communication Conversion|Technology

Is a process that Mount Indie developed to deliver the best quality candidate to our teams and the best candidate experience simultaneously.


Each step of our process includes state of the art technology that enables continual candidate sourcing through Artificial Intelligence (AI), large scale data mining and predictive analytics.


Efficiency and experience is at the heart of everything we do - we use technology to increase the human connection, not replace it. 


Core Values

Celebrate in our successes and Own our mistakes

Bring Passion to what we do and have Fun while we do it

Strive to be the best version of ourselves and continually Learn

Build a Community and give back to ours


The Mount Indie Founders have been building and leading teams in the commercial and DOD space for a combined 20 years. They have been responsible for overseeing thousands of hires in geographically dispersed locations while finding the impossible to find. Mount Indie intimately understands DOD recruiting and has developed their service offerings with defense contractor in mind.   

Brooke - Founder

Brooke’s active approach to work extends outside the office where she can be found blazing the trails on one of San Diego’s beautiful hiking destinations, earning her burn at Orange Theory class or finding her center amongst other yogi’s. Brooke is involved with industry associations such as NDIA and a member of Women In Defense, San Diego.

Tommy - Founder

Tom’s passion spreads beyond Talent Acquisition to music as he has been a performing musician since 13 years old and lives and breathes music. When he is not at Mount Indie, you can find him on the stage in San Diego's dingy clubs, recording bands in the studio or hosting his podcast that focuses on the music scene.